Exodus 2012 2010

I grew up between two very different images of God.

A 2 channel video installation made in collaboration with my wife, Sharon.

Selected questions from an interview with my parents, Ernest & Suzanne Tonski.

Selected questions:

Describe God with a list of adjectives.

Where do you find God most embodied, or perceptibly present, in the world?

What did your parents teach you about God?

Other questions…

What did parenting teach you about God? 3m:22s

Describe some personal experiences which have had significant impact on your ideas about God. 3m:39s

What has been the relationship between your own ideas and others’ voices in shaping your thinking of God? 1m:42s

How have you searched for God in your life? 2m:00s

What unanswered questions about God do you have? 1m:43s

If there’s a God, and you get to ask him one question, what would it be? 1m:00s